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) Illegitimate children must use the surname of their mother.They are under the exclusive parental authority of their mother.Judicial or compulsory recognition, on the other hand, may be demanded by the illegitimate child of his parents and must be brought during the lifetime of the presumed parents.If the child dies after reaching the age of majority without filing the action, the heirs cannot file it.There are now discount cards for families, the over-60s, members of the armed forces and disabled travellers, as well as a plethora of local schemes from Devon and Cornwall to the Highlands.But most passengers aged between 26 and 59 have hitherto not qualified for cheap tickets.(Republic Act 9255, approved on February 24, 2004, amended Art.

The nationwide roll-out is aimed squarely at motorists, according to the rail expert Mark Smith, who runs the website Seat61.com: “The new railcard is very significant, because it strikes directly at the one known weakness of rail: namely, that if I want to go to, say, Manchester on my own, the rail fare might be competitive with driving. The card also includes airport express services, and ferry-inclusive journeys such as trips to or from the Isle of Wight. You can still get the discount on these trains if you book Advance tickets. Can either of us travel alone or with other people? Any variation, such as only one of you making the return journey, invalidates the tickets. The Two Together fare, plus the cost of a new railcard, is £96.70, which saves enough for a cup of tea each en route.Voluntary recognition must be express such as that in a record of birth appearing in the civil register, a final judgment, a public instrument or private handwritten instrument signed by the parent concerned.The voluntary recognition of an illegitimate child by his or her parent needs no further court action and is, therefore, not subject to the limitation that the action for recognition be brought during the lifetime of the putative parent.Europe’s rail network may have an important link restored in the summer, with Greece reconnected to the rest of the Continent. It is rumoured that a Belgrade to Thessaloniki train will run from early June to late September.

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