Adult literacy campaign

"So, we are on a mission to refocus our energy and rebrand ourselves," Dr Munroe said.

Much of this section and the next is based on personal experience, and most of the examples are out of my own work.

By providing evidence of the challenge faced by adults around the world, Pro Literacy aims to amplify their courageous voices and build a global community dedicated to ending…and supporting positive change for these adults. By helping adults gain literacy skills, we can help reduce poverty, improve public health, and advance human rights in communities and countries around the world.

Pro Literacy is a vibrant global network made up of 1,000 member organizations in the U. We strive to increase the capacity and quality of adult literacy programs through technical assistance, professional development, training, and content development.

The Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL) is reporting that the country’s adult literacy rate is now at 87 per cent.

Deputy Executive Director and Director of Education Services at JFLL Dr Grace-Camille Munroe said this is very positive, as the island is coming from a rate of 50 per cent in 1974.

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