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Unfortunately, we do not deal with pilot training and improve their skills. June 2007 FSBUS CDK Workshop 10am - 4pm KLM Aeroclub Emoeweg11 8218 PC Lelystad Airport

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We make no guarantee of successful operation of the JD320 plugin with any other plug-ins and not test them for compatibility.Next they will be telling us how powerful our vacuum cleaners can be...It is not a certified training aid but it does allow a free play simulated operation of the FCU, MCDU, A/P and A/THR in all modes from on ground route entry, through take off, climb, cruise, descent and on to final approach and auto land.We are therefore, obliged to inform you of your options as outlined by our over paid jobs worth people who have nothing to do but take other peoples money.Please visit the UK Government site to learn what you already know.

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