Aquarius woman and taurus man dating

Aquarius is an unpredictable rebel, usually staring off into tomorrow.This zodiac sign loves to explore and share life with lots of friends.Sexually however they create a pulsating buzz together that eradicates all their differences.The Taurus has an acute awareness of their surroundings and Aquarius likes the unusual things in life.Aquarius analyzes everything and Taurus possesses incredible creativity. For a detailed Compatibility Report - Click Here or, learn more about your opposite sign.Aquarius displays endless changes in personality by either just disappearing for long periods of time or out exploring.

Therefore, Aquarius disregards tradition while Taurus stays with the tried and true. To Aquarius sex is experimentation and a carefree game. Sex between this Aquarius and Taurus love relationship will be sensual, erotic and exotic without many inhibitions.

The compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus does not work well as they set their own norms to satisfy their personal needs.

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In fact, the Aquarius woman and Taurus man may seem as if they come from two different planets.

The Aquarius woman and Taurus man are both stubborn creatures so neither one is likely to give in once a decision has been made.

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