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For a long time it’s been suspected that the Sun played a role here, too.

During the period of 1645 to 1715 there were few or no sunspots, a time called the Maunder Minimum.

Also, ironically, around the very same time I was posting my article, NASA released more news that the Sun cannot be responsible for global warming.

An unassuming stall in Kampung Simee market that does superb egg tarts, a former pushcart turned drive-in that dishes out thousands of soya bean milk daily, and a (rice with curries, an Indian Muslim specialty) institution that can give Penang a run for its money – these “hidden gems” now sit firmly on the bucket list of every discerning foodie.

We’re now at or exceeding temperatures of the Medieval Warm Period that existed right before the Little Ice Age.

This work is extremely important, of course, because it has a direct impact on understanding the Earth’s climate.

The contrast between careful scientific study and the befuddling assertions of a climate change denier shows the intellectual bankruptcy of the latter.

And even then, the Colorado research was hardly needed to show the Daily Mail article was baloney; its own internal failings were apparent when it grossly twisted the results from the UK Met Office (the weather service for the UK).

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