Dating site hacker scam pasal tentang perjudian online dating

We also set up two-factor authentication to access the site.I always knew that it was important to keep patches up-to-date, but until now I did not know why an out-of-date site was so vulnerable.To my horror, there were already two other email addresses listed as owners of the site.They were really sketchy email addresses, like ones you’d make up if you were up to no good.

(Here is a Word Press example and a Sucuri example.) Once that documentation goes public, hackers immediately scan Word Press sites to find exploits. Here is Jennifer’s five-step program to good security on a Word Press site.Google provided a code snippet to drop into the site’s markup as a means to authenticate that I was in fact the owner of the site.Jennifer followed up; not long afterwards, Google admitted me to the account.They found malware and said they deleted some of it, but Google was still showing a warning. Next I got in touch with Jennifer Zelazny, the Word Press developer who set up the site and had worked on it from time to time. She found at least 20 suspicious Word Press core files.There were also non-core files on the site with file names like “list.php” and “apis.php,” which to an average user might not have raised any red flags.

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