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Furthermore, the disclosure dilemma occurs when a country has both incentives and disincentives to disclose details on how it was hacked. government to consult for the private sector, and to write policy and academic papers. On one hand, evidence will prove its case, but on another hand, evidence will make the attacker more savvy and careful not to repeat the same mistakes next time. These are major concerns in the practice of cyber diplomacy today. At the State Department, he was the senior political-military affairs officer covering the East Asia region and his responsibilities included coordinating diplomatic dialogues, formulating plans with the Pentagon, notifying Congress of U. arms sales, writing the Secretary of State’s talking points, and traveling overseas with the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense for bilateral dialogues. Russ first learned to program around the 1982 timeframe, when he received a Timex Sinclair, which used only programs keyed in via BASIC.He’s been involved in a numbers of aspects of DEF CON over the years, including the vendors, contests, DEF CON Groups, security, Hardware Hacking Village, and planning. Since Jeff Moss famously said in 2013: “Feds, we need some time apart,” David emphasizes that he is no longer a fed.If you hate the schedule, or are mad your talk was rejected, you can blame her. Her hardest job yet was writing a serious third person bio.Nikita likes to think of herself as approachable, and loves to make people feel welcome at DEF CON, despite having R. Twitter: @niki7a Push Pin is an uptight, perfectionist, who is very rarely content working with idiots and enjoys his Jell-O Pudding cups.While learning to read English found a 2600 magazine that lead him to his first LA2600 meeting in 1998, from that point forward he has been a computer security enthusiast.

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There is so much more to DEF CON than there was in the past and it is our goal to help you get the best experience possible.

In addition to introducing each of the different aspects and areas of DEF CON, we have a panel of speakers that will talk about how they came to be part of DEF CON and their personal experiences over the years.

Mike Petruzzi has been hacking managers for over 25 years.

Sandvik Satanlawz Bruce Schneier Michael Schrenk Mike Sconzo Daniel Selifonov Jose Selvi John Seymour Shubham Shah Haoqi Shan Peter Shipley Mickey Shkatov Yan Shoshitaishvili (1, 2) Maty Siman Chris Sistrunk (1, 2) Damon Small Damon Smith Joshua Smith Aditya K Sood Ashkan Soltani Jasiel Spelman Etienne Stalmans Tamas Szakaly T Mark Ryan Talabis Mara Tam Dan Tentler Claudiu Teodorescu Jeff Thomas (xaphan) 3Alarm Lampscooter Richard Thieme Topher Timzen Tottenkoph Tony Trummer U Naveed Ul Islam V Chris Valasek Nir Valtman Eric Van Albert W Michael Walker Geoff Walton Fish Wang Patrick Wardle (1, 2) Jordan Wiens Ken Westin Brent White Y YANG Qing (1, 2) Craig Young Luke Young Philip “Soldier of Fortran” Young Z Yuwei Zheng Yan Zhu Zoz DEF CON has changed for the better since the days at the Alexis Park.

It has evolved from a few speaking tracks to an event that still offers the speakers, but also Villages, where you can get hands-on experience and Demo Labs where you can see tools in action.

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