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These instruments featured a flat top with no f-holes, a free-floating arched back, and two braces running along the top.The result was a semi-acoustic instrument that was feedback-resistant while retaining natural acoustic resonances.

However, the Kuhrmeyer-owned Stromberg-Voisinet brand had produced the Stromberg Electro even earlier, in 1928, making the short-lived model arguably the first commercial electric guitar.

Louis Music, Also, Kay produced a line of archtop acoustics called Kamico.

Kay’s current line includes low priced acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and moderately priced banjos, ukuleles, mandolins and resonators.

The assets of Kay/Valco were auctioned off in 1969.

The upright bass and cello lines were sold to Engelhardt-Link, a new company formed by a previous Valco member, which has continued production (see #Kay basses for details).

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