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And while some of their answers are optimistic (You mean you actually meet men in person? We’ve seen our friends get married and we’ve heard the online dating success stories, so we keep going.All with the hopes that one day, we’ll find a guy who will laugh at the same TV shows as us, know exactly how we take our cocktails and our coffee, and surprise us with flowers, just because.Tiffany: I think either the guy or girl can suggest the first date!It’s obviously a lot easier if the guy initiates a date, but sometimes you can’t just sit around and hope for it!Melissa, 26, Delaware County: In person & I’ve used a few apps. Tracy: Tinder – there is generally more immediacy on the app and when conversation gets going it flows pretty well. With only 24 hours to initiate conversation, I don’t get overwhelmed by matches sitting in my queue. I like it because it’s more “relationship-oriented” & so far, the guys I’ve talked to on there are pretty straightforward. However, while I love Bumble’s “Girl Power” mantra and can see the benefits from being able to make the first move, it’s kind of exhausting.Tiffany: I’m part of the minority that doesn’t use dating apps. It was hilarious while it lasted, but nothing more than guys just looking for a one-night girl. They go on a ton of dates but it’s never turned into anything more than that. I wasn’t really into the guys that much, most guys just take it as a joke, and if they are serious about it then honestly a guy that’s all about a dating app isn’t the type of guy I want to do (I wouldn’t consider it the manliest hobby! In a world where it’s nearly impossible to meet a guy who is willing to go above and beyond or make an effort, this app does nothing to help that.

There was this guy I saw all the time in my work building (no, we didn’t work together! At first, we started saying hi to each other and after a while, we were having in depth conversations in the elevator.Instead, girls are knocking at guys’ virtual doors, only to wait 24 hours to be met with radio silence or a less than stellar response.In a world full of online options, I want to know who is really interested, and Bumble does nothing to help this or the aloof attitude from single dudes out there.Tiffany, 28, Fairmount: The majority of dates I go on are from meeting people out at the bar, both at night and/or happy hour.At our age, it can be really tough because people aren’t as social in today’s world.

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